iBanksyMachine Allows Anyone To Be Banksy


Have you ever dreamed that you too could be a mysterious super-awesome political street artist like Banksy? Here is your chance, no matter how lame it might be. The iBanksyMachine is basically a vending machine which doles out instant Banksy stenciling kits.

Included in the kits are stencils of some of Banksy’s most popular street pieces, along with spray paint and instructions on how to rip the guy off. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but this is ridiculous. There are an assortment of iBanksyMachines strewn across London. Let us know if you encounter one. And please, feel free to smash the fucking thing if you do. More Banksy-fakery after the jump.




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  1. Somehow I doubt if they are actually in London …
    It’s basically promoting graffiti and I’m pretty sure you have to be 18 to buy spray paints.
    Where’d you get the info from?

  2. I love Banksy Art!!! I see it everywhere in SF. How can I order stencils?? I would love to share his art!!

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