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Best Entry Level Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber Security Jobs

With the job market being as volatile as it has been for the past year owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are very few careers and job profiles that can be considered secure in the rapidly changing landscape. One of these sectors includes jobs that are primarily Internet and technology-based. As individuals, companies, businesses, schools, and even whole industries continue ...

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Steve Jobs Action Figure Gets Trashed

As a cultural icon, it's no surprise that companies would seek to "immortalize" Steve Jobs by creating products in his image. One company released an eerily realistic Steve Jobs "Action Figure"... and was quickly shot down by Apple.

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Breaking: Circuit City Liquidated, 35,000 Jobs Lost

MSNBC is reporting that Circuit City is done. Reports are saying that over 35,000 people will be out of a job by the time the entire company is liquidated. There’s not really any more information other than that and I’m not seeing this on other major news sites. Stay tuned if there’s mind-blowing information to be had. Otherwise, you heard ...

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18-year-old Responsible For False Jobs Rumor

Steve Jobs is dead. Steve Jobs is not dead. Steve Jobs is sick. Steve Jobs is not sick. I’m sick of this shit. Clearly, Steve Jobs is immortal and all this news of his demise is a load of cow dung. Who makes this crap up anyway? The SEC tracked down the little bastard responsible, who just so happens to ...

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Steve Jobs and The Search For A New Look

Jim Lynch over at Extreme Tech wrote a funny post we just couldn’t ignore. Almost the entire column goes over how much Steve Jobs is in dire need of a wardrobe intervention. All of his clothes are either too short or too baggy due to his recent loss of weight. C’mon Steve, you’ve got cash, you can afford leather. Anything ...

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NeXT! The First Web Server

Found on Wikipedia, this image is (purportedly) the first web server on the World Wide Web. It’s an old NeXTCube machine that Tim Berners-Lee used at the CERN lab in Geneva, Switzerland. In case you weren’t aware, our handsome publisher, Steve Rufer, is also from Geneva. So in honor of Steve Jobs and our dignity, we’re going to beg him ...

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Apple’s Pride: Special Page Displays All 300+ Leopard Innovations

With some official Leopard info just fresh off the wire, Apple is understandably excited about their upcoming OS. They’re so excited, they deemed it necessary to build an entire page built around the greatness of the new Leopard operating system. Featured on the page is all 300+ innovations that Leopard brings to the table as the first official OS upgrade ...

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