Looking For A New Job? How About TechCrunch Product Leader?

Are you tired of your everyday job? Looking for something a little more techno centered? Well, today’s your lucky day because TechCrunch is looking to hire a new product leader.


TechCrunch is currently taking applications on LinkedIn for the position of product leader. This isn’t an opportunity that comes around often. The San Francisco based company is looking for a product manager who can bring the site in to the 22nd century through the use of programming, HTML code and best-of-breed tools. The catch? They need that person NOW!

So what do you need to get the job? Well must have plenty of experience with the technology and the key product in question…so what does that mean? Well you’ll need experience with publishing systems (think WordPress,) video, advertising systems, developing audiences utilizing SEO etc and understanding page performance. The most significant part of the job will require understanding of growing the website and understanding the analytics aspect of the site.

The individual in question must also be able to define, lead and juggle projects – read, multitask, well.

Looking for more details on the project opportunity or just ready to put your application in? Then check out the details on TechCrunch or apply using the LinkedIn link noted above!

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