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Swim With The Monkees

I never really thought about implementing an idea like this but thankfully, Speedo and iRiver have already done the hard work for us. The Aquabeat Waterproof MP3 player has both an appropriate name and look. It can go up to three meters underwater and has a mind-blowing 1GB of storage. Then again, how much music are you gonna need underwater? ...

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iRiver X20 video player ups to 8GB now

  iRiver Japan announced the X20  multimedia player this afternoon. The X20 is reasonably small and light (98.5×49.0x14.8mm 71g), it spots a 2.2″ QVGA screen, stereo speaker and  micoSD slot.  The model will come in 2GB and 4GB, and to our excitement the company is also releasing a 8GB version that was not reported at CES.

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iRiver feeding the hunger with S10 and watch accessory

As you probably know, the iRiver is a direct competitor to the Apple shuffle. Coming in both black and white high gloss finishes, the iRiver is just about the same size as the shuffle and adds many features to what the shuffle lacks in nearly every department. The S10 has a 1.15″ color OLED screen which goes easy on the ...

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Wear a Clix- iriver S10 in Full Black

Like the iriver Clix? You’ll like the iriver S10 even more. Retaining the great D-click system (that is, you browse the menu by taping the 4 rims of the screen) and overall design, the S10 is basically a mini-Clix, measuring 42x30x10.8mm and weighing 17.5g. Extremely wearable. What you get is a 1.15″ 65K color OLED screen, the choice of 1GB ...

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iRiver Now Making Altoid Tins

The upcoming iRiver S7 has fans of the company’s digital audio players eagerly awaiting its release. The leaking of a spec sheet a few weeks back only added fuel to the fire. Recently released pictures of the upcoming player have some people a bit confused, however. The pictures show a player nearly the exact size and shape of an Altoids ...

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