Wear a Clix- iriver S10 in Full Black

iriver s10

Like the iriver Clix? You’ll like the iriver S10 even more. Retaining the great D-click system (that is, you browse the menu by taping the 4 rims of the screen) and overall design, the S10 is basically a mini-Clix, measuring 42x30x10.8mm and weighing 17.5g. Extremely wearable. What you get is a 1.15″ 65K color OLED screen, the choice of 1GB or 2GB memory, support for MP3, WMA and OGG. FM tuner and voice recorder are retained, but you’ll have to give up some of the functions such as MPEG4 and Flash support. The S10 comes in 2 color schemes, one similar to the old Clix, and the one announced lately is in full black. According to iriver, the battery should last for 8 hours. The S10 is available in limited markets today, but you can expect a worldwide availability soon. — Sam Chan

iriver Japan iriver S10 Product Page [Press Release]

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