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Opera on Wii, Dec 22

First it’s (M)opera on your cellphone, then it’s Opera on your DS, now it’s Opera on your Wii, and the beta version just made it before Christmas. The browser will be downloadable on the Wii Shop Channel from Dec 22 for free. We can’t wait to see how well this thing renders “street html”, and how much work out it ...

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Take control with Harman Kardon’s TC30 Remote

You know it happens to everyone; you cant seem to find the right remote when you need it, or better yet, you have 6 remotes but have no idea which one you use for the stereo and which one you use for the DVD player. This is where the Harman Kardon TC30 comes in: it condenses all of your remotes ...

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iProjector adds some productivity to the massive iPod accessory market

You know you have an iPod, it seems like everyone does, but do you use it for anything more than listening to music? It does have the ability to play those videos, remember? The iProjector from Ion Audio creates a real use for the iPod’s ability to play videos, but it does seem a tad gimmicky. The iProjector allows you ...

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Intempo IDS-01b iPod Dock Tastes The Rainbow

  If you happen to be one of those people who needs to have everything in life organized and color coordinated (ya momma’s boy), the new Intempo IDS-01b iPod Dock and Speaker system might just tickle your pickle. Not only do the unit’s have exact matching colors for the nanos, but they offer a helpful serving of a set of ...

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The perfect gamers case is created

Take a good look at that picture. Let it all soak in. Mmm yeah, that’s good. This homemade rack (which you too can create with enough time) has a DVD player, a cable box, a PS3, an XBox 360, a Wii, an XBox, and a TiVo shelved down its center. It even has a custom LED computer cooling fan on ...

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