iProjector adds some productivity to the massive iPod accessory market

iprojectorYou know you have an iPod, it seems like everyone does, but do you use it for anything more than listening to music? It does have the ability to play those videos, remember? The iProjector from Ion Audio creates a real use for the iPod’s ability to play videos, but it does seem a tad gimmicky. The iProjector allows you to plug your iPod directly into its iPod dock and play your iPod videos directly onto your wall just as a normal digital projector does. As every other dock does, the iProjector also charges your iPod while you watch your videos. While it connects with both iPods and Nanos, supports SVGA 800×600 native resolution to a projection size of 30 inches by 90 inches at 1000 ANSI lumens brightness, why? That’s the question. Unless you want to carry around a projector everywhere you go, this doesn’t seem to have much of a purpose. You mount your projector out of reach up above you when you watch your videos, it’s wouldn’t be easy to get a chair, plug in the iPod, figure out the interface, then watch the video when you could have just watched the video as you normally do. Nice idea, not feasible. — Nik Gomez

iProjector: video projector with built-in iPod dock [The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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