Take control with Harman Kardon’s TC30 Remote

harman kardon tc30 remoteYou know it happens to everyone; you can�t seem to find the right remote when you need it, or better yet, you have 6 remotes but have no idea which one you use for the stereo and which one you use for the DVD player. This is where the Harman Kardon TC30 comes in: it condenses all of your remotes into one simple remote that seems to do everything. This 5 oz. remote has a nice LCD screen and a USB port; you have to go to Harman Kardon�s website and download the codes that correspond to the exact products you have at your house. This brilliant remote then organizes the codes you downloaded into categories, such as �watch a DVD� and �listen to a CD.� The software to make this remote work is seamless, and the hardware (aka the remote) has its buttons organized very nicely. For $299, the Harman Kardon TC30 is a fabulous piece of equipment that will eliminate those countless hours spent trying to find the remote hidden deep in your couch, as long as you don�t lose this one; if you can�t keep track of 1 remote, you shouldn’t get the privilege of using remotes at all. Now you can fulfill your couch potato fantasy and never have to get up to do anything in your living room; if you�re lucky maybe you can program the Harman Kardon TC30 to make your dinner and bring it out to you. — Nick Rice

Harman Kardon TC30 [via ubergizmo]

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