The perfect gamers case is created


Take a good look at that picture. Let it all soak in. Mmm yeah, that’s good. This homemade rack (which you too can create with enough time) has a DVD player, a cable box, a PS3, an XBox 360, a Wii, an XBox, and a TiVo shelved down its center. It even has a custom LED computer cooling fan on each side of every device, resembling the blue lit Antec Nine Hundred Gamer PC Case. Talk about parking yourself in front of an optimal gaming rig, and we thought some other rigs were ultimate nooks ! Each device also has its very own stand with an open vented bottom so that it can radiate heat from all sides. Every controller has its own rack so as not to get tangled up into an impossible knot with the rest of the wiring. Though probably not its intended purpose, the subwoofer even functions as a Guitar Hero guitar stand for an all-encompassing gamer case. And they say gaming isn’t an addiction.


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  1. With all of that he couldn’t afford a 1st party gamecube controller?

  2. Woah, its a top loading nintendo! on the very top he has a top cartridge slot NES, I’ve always wanted to find one of those. there quite rare and more durable that the first edition nintendo. will you give me that NES2????

  3. it looks like a regular stand with some l.e.d’s on it.. not sure whats so special about it

  4. Drugs + Video Games = A beautiful gamer case. ; )

  5. speaking of the gamecube controller, where’s the gamecube that the controller goes to?

  6. Now he’s saving up for a T.V.

  7. he has a wii, gamecube isnt needed…

  8. saving up for the rest

  9. the gamecube controller is probably there for the Wii. If you have a wii, you don’t need a gamecube as it plays all the games and has the same controller ports.

    pretty cool setup. needs to be black maybe.

  10. I think I see an old NES at the very top. Very nice set up.

  11. actually, that is a first-party gamecube controller…
    i like your stand. you must be very popular with gamer girls.

  12. omg.. thats beautiful
    i want one

  13. perfect gamer’s case ? how come there are a bunch of shitty consoles and no pc ?

  14. I was wondering where the TV is, perhaps he has a projector? That’d be stellar. Having the controllers on the side is a great idea. Especially for the old ones that require wires.

  15. The only thing he’s lacking, as “lololol” pointed out, to make it a REAL gamer’s case is, indeed, a PC. Unless it’s hiding somewhere off to the side (I do spy a keyboard), he’s missing out on the best games that the industry has to offer.

  16. @ really? � They’re actually LED lit fans to stop any of it overheating. Good idea imo.

  17. What are the dimensions on this, would love to build something for my consoles as well.

  18. agreed, this cheep shelf with holes cut for lights is amazing. how on earth did you make it?

  19. nice looking unit except the l.e.d.’s would be annoying if placed beside a tv, (distracting with the lights off beside a tv you’re trying to play on.
    also who needs a pc now, seriously it’s just overkill if you have the money to waste on one sure but you can play most games on a console without the need to constantly swap for bigger and better parts costing about as much as a complete console, and still end up with choppy frame rates. only thing a true gamer needs a dreamcast, and a super nintendo as well, high five on the nes XD

  20. Ditch the Wii to make it perfect.

  21. Mac can run vista and pc games better than most off the shelf pcs… However with a cool setup like this, I’da like to see a custom build pc too if you’re a serious gamer. I too, however, separate my pc from my home theater. I prefer my 22″ monitor to my 40″ HDTV for pc gaming.

  22. so umm this guy had an ungly crappy shelving unit and he put all his gaming system on it, wow, that is AMAZING, and then cut out holes and installed some led lit fans :O im shitting myself thinking how incredible this is. the stupid things are the stand for each system with open bottom vent and the controller hooks. jesus this thing blows

  23. hes up late his clocks read 3 41 and bedroom clock reads 3 42 so he must not have a life im loving that games case though its banging need an elite cos its like a thousand times better than everything there except the nez 😛

  24. Or it could be the middle of the afternoon. Or it could be that at 3:41 AM there’s not much to do outside of your own home many places anyway. Or it could be…

    Do I really need to go on? How does his clock reading any time at all imply he must not have a life.

    And depending on what his (or her) personal schedule is, 3:41 may be a totally normal time to be awake, maybe he works nights and this is his day off.

  25. @S
    I was going to say the same thing. I could do the same thing witch cardboard boxes

  26. this is dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb […]

  27. no, the perfect gamers case is called a PC. get it straight.

  28. didnt you forget to mention your apple tv? and the other guy is right all you need is a pc and a wii so go suck my ****

  29. Too big

  30. Actually, if you look to the left of the picture, you can see a Netgear router, indicating that indeed, at least one PC is nearby. And with all the cords you can see behind the router, I’m guessing that that big black thing you can see the edge of is either a monitor or a television. Perhaps he has his PC hooked up to his TV?

    And what’s with all the haters? Is your setup any better? Yeah, it may not be the best thing in the world, but it’s pretty damn cool.

  31. I agree with wren. And i also want to add the fact that those of u who are bashing the setup probly cant even afford all the stuff shown.

  32. I don’t understand what all the hype is all about?

    The only thing that is different is that he has put pc led cooling fans into the sides?

    An easier way to do this is if you brought Car neons from

    Or I have seen on the metacafe website a guy has adapted his computer speaker system to have flashing leds which dance with the music. The cover he used was a condom and the finished item looked spectacular!

    But anyways well done for trying. Perhaps I should upload pictures of my system?

    Anyway guys check out my website and let me know what you think. All comments are good comments even negative. =)

  33. Wow, I respect the DIY factor, but with all those open fans, that thing has got to be the loud as damn. Still, pretty cool.

  34. Just stumbling through.

    I noticed you have the dvd player stacked on your dvr up top. Just a work of caution; the hard drive in my dvr overheated and burned out being stacked the same way 🙁

  35. its what you need

  36. what a waste of money! go outside, go for a walk, smell the flowers, and then wonder why your power bill is so high!

  37. “by bob doom � March 8, 2007 21:57pm

    With all of that he couldn�t afford a 1st party gamecube controller?”

    bob doom what is ur problem???? some ppl don’t want a stupid 1st party gamecbe controler. i know i’ve got thru life without one.

  38. Captain Amazing

    One day the dude that built that cabinet will go outside and will meet a girl. Said girl may even get naked for him.

  39. thats a rockband guitar not guitar hero

  40. That’s gonna suck up alot of energy if those custom LED computer cooling fans cant be turned on individualy, he can only play one console at a time. Plus, I would have taken the pucture after having bought a HDTV.

  41. Most of you people are realizing that the case being perfect has nothing to do with LEDs or the controller mounts. It is the fans that make this case great. Proper airflow is a must for all current gen systems. A case like this allows you to enclose your systems and have them in a uniform setup, with a good deal of airflow to keep things cool. Kudos on this case, it is pretty damn cool.

  42. I thought I had a good sett up. I installed several fans underneath all of my gaming machines to help alleviate the heat but this is beautiful.

  43. Considering that at least three of those consoles play dvds, what’s the point of having the dvd player? They seem a tad obsolete these days.

  44. where’s the PC? Can’t be an “ultimate” gamers rig without that I’m afraid…

  45. It’s missing two things:
    A gaming PC,
    A Nintendo 64!

  46. Dude, How is this the ultimate gamer’s rig?

    It’s missing the most important system.


  47. pc’s need to be constantly upgraded to play the latest and greatest, if all you want t do is dump money into a pc just to play games then they are great, Pc’s are to create games, consoles are to play them, using a powerful pc to play games is such a waste…..

  48. @LeMelon So true on the 64.

    @Zack LEDs don’t use much power at all, actually. Cheaper than turning on the light in the room, but I can’t say the same thing about the fans.

    I happen to have a rare, top loading NES sitting under my television right now, complete with one of the rounded controllers that came with it.

  49. Nice but needs to be 120mm fans.. those little 90’s have to be loud as shit

  50. hey man i dont know if you still view this but if is at all possible to get the specs. for this rig on gamers everywhere will love you myself included

  51. completely worthless without a PC.
    I suppose if you don’t like playing FPS, or RTS, or (good) RPGs this would be acceptable.

  52. where the fuck is the n64

  53. “by mr flibble � November 27, 2008 10:32am

    completely worthless without a PC.
    I suppose if you don�t like playing FPS, or RTS, or (good) RPGs this would be acceptable.”

    i agree.

  54. Its… beautiful!

  55. fuck that shit get a PC you fucking N00b

  56. A gamer’s case without a PC is a laugh

  57. Maybe, just MAYBE his PC is off-camera. *gasp*

  58. for all the nights he is not getting laid

  59. CRAP!!! What a load of crap!! Get a fricken PC dipshit

  60. thats not a fucking case, its a shelf, how about you do something worth while for once ?

  61. I highly doubt those fans are useful for anything besides creating noise and sucking power. The consoles already have adequate passive cooling being that they get airflow from all sides. Add to that the fact that those fans are meant to be placed in enclosed boxes to create airflow THROUGH it (i.e. not just to blow air over it, but rather pull air through and out of it, that doesn’t work well in an open system like this). That’s why they put the fans on the inside of a computer case.

    Honestly, I don’t know why you’d need all those fans anyway. Is he running all of those systems 24/7 concurrently? I can have my Wii on for hours and there’s no noticeable problems with heat. I guess I can’t speak for the XBox or PS, but one would think that manufacturers would ensure enough cooling on their own without having to rely on some lame external fans. Hell, the cases from those systems probably insulate most of any external cooling effect those fans have anyway.

  62. You can see the TV on the left side of the picture; not a projector.

  63. How is that perfect? It’s too big and ugly as hell.

  64. any1 who says 360 is better than ps3 is just in deniel the ps3 has a better graphics card, prosessor, we have wifi built in, built in hd player, blue tooth , better refreshment rate (1080p) free online network, upgradeable hdd (you have it aswell but its harder to replace), web browser, rechargeable controllers (you also have but you have to buy it), are controllers are also motion senstive (sixaxis) what do you have halo, gears,party chat and a monthly xbox live fee im so jealous oh ya and you can play music during gameplay but guess what my ipod and 250watt per chanle reciver can do the same thing so suck it

  65. Dylan not a single person compared Xbox to playstation and real men don’t need to compare when we have both

  66. awww look simple but cool perfect idea with the fan.

  67. Where’s the PS3 Controller??

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