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7 People Who Got Caught Cheating


Cheating is bad mmkay? Really though, if you're going to be a cheater at least don't get caught... No, wait...don't be a cheater because you'll probably end up like these people.

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You Have What? Where?

operation theater

If you have ever worked in an emergency room then this article won't surprise you in the least. Sure, it's a little much for 9am, but why not start the day feeling lucky that this isn't you. Take a look at some of the objects that have been recovered in emergency rooms around the world.

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8 Exam Answers That Make Us Cringe

Complementary Angles

Is it just us or have things begun to get a little out of control in schools lately? We're not talking about all the news headlines (although God knows that's more than we can bear,) we're talking about the level of education of children are attaining. We don't blame teachers but at some point along the way between our generation and the current one, being educated took a back seat to being famous. Not convinced? Take a look at our case in point with these 8 honest to goodness exam answers that make us cringe.

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