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5 Epic Videos Of People Falling

Fail Videos

We're headed in to the homestretch with the weekend just on the horizon but just in case you needed a little pick me up to get you through the rest of the week, take a look at these 5 epic fail videos of people falling...because it's always funny as long as it's someone else.

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8 GIFS of People Who Can’t Dance

Brad Pitt Dancing

There are plenty of people out there who can't dance...but not being able to dance is sort of like being a "freak." See, freaks who fly their freak flag with confidence are pretty damned awesome. People who can't dance but dance anyway...well, they're equally awesome. Check out 8 of our favorite GIFs of people who can't dance but are dancing anyway!

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5 Epic Autocorrect Texts


Laughing at other peoples mistakes is mean...but very very funny. That is why we are so in love with Damn You Autocorrect because while the occasional "set up" autocorrect sneaks in, most are really funny and very embarrassing which makes them even funnier.

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12 Disney Face Swaps We Love

Belle and the Beast

Have you ever run in to something online that is just so weird that you can't stop looking at it? That's sort of how we felt when we ran across a Disney face swapping Tumblr account the other day.

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5 All Consuming Time Wasting Sites On The Net

Animals Being Dicks

If you are like most people then more than likely, you have wasted your fair share of time surfing the net and getting sucked in to websites that are all consuming. We know the feeling of having a deadline looming and yet being so sucked in to GIF's that you keep reminding yourself "just one more".

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6 Images We Stole from George Takei

Dragon with the Girl Tattoo

If you keep up to date with current trends on Facebook then there is absolutely no doubt that you have seen an image or two that has been featured by George Takei. Incidentally, if you don't already follow him on Facebook you should because the man posts some really funny stuff.

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6 Mobile Phone Cases No One Should Buy

Hand Holding Phone Case

Have you ever seen a mobile phone case and thought...why? We have. In fact we've seen so many that today we're going to share 6 of them. Take a look at these 6 mobile phone cases that no one should buy...

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State Laws No One Understands

NC State Flag

There are plenty of laws around the United States that make absolutely no sense, so today we wanted to share a few of these outdated and quite hilarious laws that are still on the books today!

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11 Animal GIFS You Have to See

OCD Otter

We may spend a little too much time here at GearFuse looking at funny GIF's and Youtube videos...although most of us will tell you that it's for "research purposes" only. This morning we want to share a little of that research with you as we take a look back at 11 of the best animal GIF's we've seen in a while.

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