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7 Really Bad Photoshop Pictures

Odd Muscles Photoshop

Have you ever seen one of those incredibly BAD Photoshop pictures? You know the type where people try to edit themselves to look great but get busted? Take a look at these 7 and try not to laugh too hard.

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9 Ricky Gervais GIFs We Love


Funny man Ricky Gervais is an acquired taste when it comes to humor, but this Brit gal for one can't get enough of him. So, I present for your approval 9 Ricky Gervais GIF's that we (yes, that's the royal we) love.

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The Longest Joke in the History of the World


Have you ever heard a joke that was so long that by about a quarter of the way through you wanted to stop listening but just couldn't because you wanted to know the punchline? Well read on because we're about to re-enact said scenario.

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7 Photobombs We Love


It doesn't matter who it is, or what they are doing, photobombs are awesome. There are plenty of great photobombs out there but these 7 are some of our favorites...

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7 Parents Who Owned Their Kids

Dad Knows You Fap

Parenting is hard, particularly in an age where the majority of parents just seem to have given up and handed the reigns over to their kids. Today we'd like to celebrate 7 parents who have owned their kids and taken back the parenting power.

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