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7 Images of Technology With Faces!

Happy Coffee Maker

Have you ever looked at an electronic gadget and seen a face? Scary right? Take a look at these 7 images of technology faces. 1.Evil sandwich maker is watching you! 2. Happy VHS Tape is happy. 3.  Happy coffee maker is beyond happy. 4. Shocked Smoke Detector is stunned and traumatized. 5. Sad Bathtub is devastated. 6. Sassy Lock sticks ...

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7 Computer Errors You Have To Laugh At

computer error

There are few things as frustrating as when your computer starts talking back to you. Sure, most of us know it's not the computer's fault, BUT that doesn't make those errors any less frustrating. Still, we found a few that you can truly laugh at.

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When Technology Doesn’t Cooperate…

Pen Is Broken

Sometimes it is fairly clear that technology has it in for us. We're not necessarily talking about Terminator action here, but there are days when it's pretty obvious that the office printer has made it it's daily objective to explode every time we walk by. Don't worry though, you're not the only one who has days like this...

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5 Examples of Technology Fails

Misusing technology can be as irritating as nails on a chalkboard for a technophile, but occasionally, it’s actually pretty funny. Today we want to take a look at 5 examples of technology fails. 1. Adapter DIY 2. The Computer Credit Card Slot. 3. The Projection Fail. 4. The Mouse Fail. 5.  The Headphones Fail. Via Failblog

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What The Hell Is McDiving?


If you’re a net surfer then chances are that you’ve run in to some pictures of McDiving. Not so well versed with the net and trending fads? Allow us to show you just what McDiving is. Do we understand it? Not so much, but it seems to be the new “planking” and it’s really irritating McDonald’s employees everywhere.

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The Joys Of Sharing On The Internet

Stuck Dildo 1

With the internet being accessible...well, everywhere, there has been a shift in the willingness of people to share just about anything. Remember not too long ago when we shared some pictures of people who got questionable things lodged in questionable places and had to go to the ER? Well, this guy takes the cake.

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4 Of The Strangest Criminal Defenses Ever

Sibling Larceny

Watching shows like "Cops" or forensic anything on the channel that my girlfriend affectionately refers to as "the Murder Channel" will yield interesting information. What it will also yield however, is plenty of absolutely ridiculous excuses for criminal actions. Today we want to take a look at 4 of the most ridiculous criminal defenses from the mouths of criminals themselves.

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