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Cowon D2 tries to take Clix down: 2.5″ QVGA touch screen, 4GB, SD card slot

Recently we heard that the Cowon (iAudio) D1 will not be produced anymore, but fans should be pleasantly encouraged by the company’s announcement this morning. The new Cowon D2 comes with a 2.5� QVGA touch screen, all new touchscreen interface and a SD slot (SDHC not supported), all that kept in a fairly small package (56x78x17mm 95g). Music files supported ...

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Swim with your MP3 player, seriously!

Nu has been selling their waterproof mp3 player NU Doplphin in Taiwan for a while, but it has only been put in the spotlight when it gets exported to Australia. First off this mp3 player is truely waterproof, as it complies with the fairly stringent IPX7 standards. Secondly the inner-earbuds are silicone-made meaning that will stay in your ears even ...

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Toshiba’s first DMB DVD DAP came out great, but not perfect

Here’s Toshiba’s first attempt to put a DVD drive and DMB (One-Seg) tuner into their DAP, what’s more they even threw in Divx support. ITmedia Japan took it for a test drive, and it went well. The digital broadcast quality was suboptimal, but that’s due to the broadcasting technology itself rather than the player. Divx support worked flawlessly, DVD playback ...

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iRiver Now Making Altoid Tins

The upcoming iRiver S7 has fans of the company’s digital audio players eagerly awaiting its release. The leaking of a spec sheet a few weeks back only added fuel to the fire. Recently released pictures of the upcoming player have some people a bit confused, however. The pictures show a player nearly the exact size and shape of an Altoids ...

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Samsung’s YP-K3 Out-Sexy’s Nano (Maybe)

Samsung’s new YP-K3 MP3 player is dead sexy. Sleek lines, few buttons, and a sharp-looking display push this little wonder high up the ranks of sexy DAPs. The YP-K5’s little brother, without the built-in speaker touted by its older sibling, the YP-K3 is set to debut at CES 2007. The YP-K3 boasts a 1.8-inch screen, and Samsung claims it’s their ...

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