Swim with your MP3 player, seriously!

nu dolphin mp3 player

Nu has been selling their waterproof mp3 player NU Doplphin in Taiwan for a while, but it has only been put in the spotlight when it gets exported to Australia. First off this mp3 player is truely waterproof, as it complies with the fairly stringent IPX7 standards. Secondly the inner-earbuds are silicone-made meaning that will stay in your ears even underwater, with the other end of the chord screwed tightly onto the mp3 player. Can you press buttons under water? Oh yes of course, the buttons are found at the end of thelipstick-like body. The NU Dolphin does not have any display on top, but who cares when you strap (bundled) it next to your goggles (pictured above). The cylinder measures 60x21x21mm and weighs 25g. The casing is made of durable aluminum and is also treated to be anti-scratch. The battery transfers music (MP3/WMA) and charges via USB 2.0. When fully charged, it is good to last for 8 hours. The 1GB model is selling for $150 in Taiwan and Australia, a 2GB model will be out soon, too. — Sam Chan

NU Dolphin MP3 player [NU Global]

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