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Super Mario Filing Cabinets

If you were shoved into the professional world kicking and shoving, it’s our opinion that you should at least be able to decorate your office how you see fit. These filing cabinets, inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2, fit right into our personal style. The geek nation might be more apt to stick to business conventions if we just had ...

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Reversible Twisted Ties: Live A Secret Double Life

During the day, you’re all business. Not even the slightest “woot” escapes the depths of your icy cold lungs. But at night, after your shift, you like to unwind a bit. Ya know, get a little freaky-deaky. Maybe drop by a club and drink a little bub? But your business suit makes you look like a square, or even worse, ...

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French Guy Makes Facebook Business Cards

The very Frenchly-named Jean-Baptiste Gouraud designed these ingenious Freedombook Facebook business cards. The cards encourage the recipient to “Confirm” (or “Confirmer” if you want to sound pretentious) Gouraud as a business connection, or perhaps as a life partner, if that’s how you roll. The card holds hall of the pertinent information, including phone number and e-mail address. Let’s just hope ...

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Expand Your Social Network With Poken

These adorable little devices called Poken are used to exchange social networking info among new found friends who have their own Poken. No one cares to jot down email addresses, user IDs and screen names when they’re in a rush. So, the Poken have been created as a quick way to exchange such information in a matter of seconds. All ...

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Madrid’s no cellphone day

In response to rising cellphone charges, citizens in Madrid, Spain has gone on a no-cellphone campaign last week. It is really hard to imagine if you are from places where public phone booths are getting demolished to build new wireless towers. A lot of people in Madrid supported the campaign, but there were people spotted for using the phonebook off ...

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