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Destroy data remotely on your stolen Sharp 813SH phone

The 813SH for Biz is a business version of the 812SH, it is designed for companies that need to protect commercial secrets. Bluetooth and infrared data transfer is banned, but Bluetooth headsets are still supported. On top of that, email file attachment function is removed, external memory slot and Felica electronic money chip are also removed. The “813SH for Biz” ...

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A few moments with the G-shock G’zOne phone creators, Casio Japan

What are the 2 things that come into mind with the word Casio? Anorexic cameras and G-shock watches. If you are a Verizon user, you must have hard the G’zOne phone, which was sold under the brand of UTStarcom, and you would probably be aware that the G’zOne phone is the G-shock phone, developed by Casio in Japan and later ...

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