Make Business Processes Work With Comindware Tracker!

When it comes to workflow management, business process management and task management it’s not easy to collaborate with team members while also quickly and easily getting the job done but Comindware Tracker pulls it all together.


Comindware Tracker is designed to be fast and easy to install and allows users to build processed and business based apps utilizing the easy to use drag and drop platform. This means that no coding is required and processed can be kicked off as soon as setup has been complete. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Comindware tracker serves a number of functions but today we’re going to take a look at just a few.

Workflow Management

The Comindware platform allows for the optimization of work management and lets users track trends in their current business area with just a few simple clicks. When it comes to workflow management it really doesn’t get any easier than being able to construct a graphic workflow without the need for programming.

Task Management

Task management is just as simple with Comindware Tracker in that it allows users to juggle tasks by creating both personal to do lists and create team based tasks. The Comindware platform will both automatically generate workflow tasks with pre-defined due dates and priorities as well as allowing the manual addition of tasks that can be assigned to individual users.

Business Process Management

The business process management aspect of Comindware Tracker allows users to track changes in real time keeping note of time spent on business processes as well as tracking any changes made to tasks by users. Change tracking also keeps notes of who made changes, what those changes were and when those changes were made in order to ensure that various workers on a single project all stay on the same page. Additionally, all team members on a task receive automated notifications to ensure that they stay on top of the most recent changes to tasks.

Can you and your business benefit from using Comindware’s tracker platform?

Comindware can benefit managers, team members and IT managers alike by providing easy to use structured organization that will not only save your business time but it will also allow for the optimization of projects and tracking of project progress. If you or your business are interested in trying out the Comindware platform, they are currently offering a free 30 day trial.

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