Reversible Twisted Ties: Live A Secret Double Life


During the day, you’re all business. Not even the slightest “woot” escapes the depths of your icy cold lungs. But at night, after your shift, you like to unwind a bit. Ya know, get a little freaky-deaky. Maybe drop by a club and drink a little bub? But your business suit makes you look like a square, or even worse, a parent.

Twisted Ties allow you to be all business for your day job and then become the party’s clown with just a swivel of your neckware. Available in an assortment of designs, the Twisted Ties are great for the executive who lives a secret double life. You can get your own for about $22 from Spinning Hat. Check out a few more of the tie designs after the jump.



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  1. I think you just topped the clown’s funeral for “saddest” thing ever…

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