Disco Ball Hat Works Best With The Party Rats


You’ve got the Party Rats. Now all you need is this ridiculous Disco Ball Hat. What’s that? You already own one? OK, excellent. Let’s get this party started!

Chillin at the party
Hour by hour
Appetizers gettin’ stinky
Not smellin’ like a flower

Lights on my head
Bottles in my pants
Move your fuckin’ body
Cause it’s time to fuckin’ dance

Chillin’ steady, powder up the nose
Dancin’ all night ’till the venue closed

I’d keep going but I might get sued by David Bowie.

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  1. Where i can get the Disco Ball Hat??
    I’m stay in singapore.
    How i can get it n then how much the best price if we buy 12 pcs.

  2. to find this hat to buy is impossible. i want one so how much and how soon can i get one.

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