Coughing Screaming Ash Tray scares you into quitting


Smoking is a dirty and dangerous habit, yet one of the toughest and most popular ways of killing yourself. Cut out the extended suicide of cigarette smoking by buying your beloved smoker this Coughing Screaming Ash Tray. Every time they light up and start to ash into the tray, the fleshy lungs starts emitting a retched coughing fit and screams of agony. This will always remind them of the pain and suffering they are setting themselves up to experience.

We actually really like the design and how the esophagus makes for a nice place to rest your cancer stick as you fumble around for your oxygen tank. The tray costs $9.99. A small price if it was to actually work. But to be realistic, they’ll probably just not use the ash tray. — Andrew Dobrow


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