Super Powers!: Girl Balances 15 Books on Her Head While Reciting Pi and Solving a Rubik’s Cube

If the girl who can identify Star Wars LEGO minifigs using only her mouth wasn’t enough to make your brain explode, congratulations, you’re still here with us to check out this video of some girl balancing 15 books on her head… while reciting Pi to the 100th digit… and solving a Rubik’s Cube, all in, wait for it… 42 seconds.

I dunno, man. I think 16 book really would have put this over the edge. I even have a�recommendation. Or maybe 15 unabridged Oxford dictionaries.

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  1. great find. colleague has officially called her “the hottest chick on the internet”

  2. Cgi fake. The books do not follow physics. The face and audio were probably added later as well.

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