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Dynamically Augmenting Wheel System: Wheels That Remind Us of a Pizza Pie

Dynamically Augmenting Wheel System, or DAWS, might sound like some sort of high-tech mumbo jumbo, and for the most part, it is pretty complex. The conceptually designed wheels are�divided into eight separate parts which adjust to the car’s center of gravity without losing traction. You know how motorcycle wheels sort of shift under the driver’s weight as they turn? It’s ...

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Wii Balance Board Controlled Labyrinth Game

The Wii Fit was tough to find this holiday season and it seems that it hasn’t gotten any easier to come across. If you’ve got a Wii Balance Board collecting dust because you’d rather not use it to play video games, why not do as the CCCKC do. Jestin Stoffel and Vince Thompson used an Arduino microcontroller and two servos ...

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No One Does BWL Runs Even If You’re Standing

No one wants to stand during a raid. Yet, these German fellows who turned the Wii Balance Board into an interactive control mechanic for World Of Warcraft do want to stand as they play. They’ve done a similar project with Google Maps but this software mod sets the all time precedent of uselessness. Relaying data to a laptop via Bluetooth, ...

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A machine that plots graphs to show how fast you are gaining weight

We  really have no idea what the inventor was thinking about, when we’re having image problems we already feel bad enough about ourselves and the last thing we need is a machine to rub it in! Tanita is going to start selling this weight measurer that not only tells you how overweight you are, but also your body fat content, ...

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