A machine that plots graphs to show how fast you are gaining weight

tanita innerscan bc500

We  really have no idea what the inventor was thinking about, when we’re having image problems we already feel bad enough about ourselves and the last thing we need is a machine to rub it in! Tanita is going to start selling this weight measurer that not only tells you how overweight you are, but also your body fat content, muscle ratio and your baseline metabolic rate (in terms of calories per day). If you are still not convinced, you can remove the thumbdrive from the weight balance, plug it into your computer, synchronize with your program and you’ll have large colorful graphs on the screen reminding you just how much you’ve been eating (see the pics below). If that is still not enough, you can compare results with up to 4 family members! If this thing ever sells, expect some surge in domestic violence rates.

tanita innerscan bc500 graph

tanita innerscan bc500

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Innerscan BC500 [Tanita]

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  1. I want to lose weight and i am 13

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