Dynamically Augmenting Wheel System: Wheels That Remind Us of a Pizza Pie


Dynamically Augmenting Wheel System, or DAWS, might sound like some sort of high-tech mumbo jumbo, and for the most part, it is pretty complex. The conceptually designed wheels areļæ½divided into eight separate parts which adjust to the car’s center of gravity without losing traction.

You know how motorcycle wheels sort of shift under the driver’s weight as they turn? It’s sort of like that. The segmented wheels allow your car to have the effect of rounded wheels, without the lack of support or balance. And the best part about the whole finished product? They look fucking awesome. The bad news… they don’t taste like pizza.


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  1. Interesting concept.
    Curious how it would hold up under rain,snow ice and strong braking whilst taking a corner.

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