No One Does BWL Runs Even If You’re Standing

No one wants to stand during a raid. Yet, these German fellows who turned the Wii Balance Board into an interactive control mechanic for World Of Warcraft do want to stand as they play. They’ve done a similar project with Google Maps but this software mod sets the all time precedent of uselessness.

Relaying data to a laptop via Bluetooth, the pressure of your stance on the board is converted into directional instructions for the game. Much like other games for the Wii Fit, such as skiing, this control mechanism proves that much physical prowess is needed to play the game for a long duration. World Of Warcraft is one such game that requires prolonged exposure to the environment in order to achieve success. No lard ass geek looking to do a Gurtogg run wants to stand on his heels all day shifting his weight around like a hula dancer.
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