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If Pi Were a Song

It may not be the first time someone has turned the numerical value of Pi into a song, but one can't deny that it's kind of catchy...

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Pi Necklace

Looking for that perfect accessory to go with your new Geometric Cube Bracelet? The Pi Necklace by RGB-Works is a mathematical beauty, rock-ible by both humans of the male and female variety. As far as I can tell, RGB-works products are only available in a select number of stores in Japan. So if you want this beauty, you might want ...

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Duo Succesfully Shatters Pi Record Using Home Computer

A collaboration between 54-year-old system engineer Shigeru Kondo and American computer science student Alexander Yee resulted in the successful calculation of Pi to the 5-trillionth digit using only a homemade home computer and a piece of custom software called y-cruncher. The 5-trillion milestone shattered the previous record of 2.7 trillion digits, nearly doubling past efforts. The calculation took a period ...

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My Pizza Pi is 3.142 Times As Good As Yours

How many digits of Pi can you remember, without peeking? The first four decimal places are enough to fill my needs. If you’re interested in memorizing the ubiquitous digits of Pi, the Pizza Pi tray can keep the number fresh in your mind, even when your munching away at a few slices of extra cheese. This plate will take you ...

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