Snow White Apple Macbook Case Mod


Why is it that women just can’t resist tainted fruit? First, Eve came along and fucked up immortality for the whole human race (thanks a lot, Satan), and then Snow White, for some reason, thought some random apple from a poorly disguised farmer would be totally wholesome and delicious. I think the lesson we’ve learned here is never to accept fruit from cartoon characters or serpents.

With that womanly weakness for fruit in mind, this Apple Macbook case mod ingeniously uses Apple’s iconic logo to incorporate the symbol of the ultimate female temptation, a ripe and supple pair of shoes piece of fruit.


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  1. …from a farmer?

    Really? Andy… DUDE – you should netflix Snow White. Or wiki her… a FARMER? Come on, dude… get with the program.

  2. Wow that looks realy good how the art and standard location of the apple logo come together. Very Nice.

  3. Where did you get this case from?

  4. How can I order one of these cases. My daughter LOVES Snow White.

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