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Morbidly Obese Disney Princesses

Growing up with Disney through the 90s, I thought these Disney princesses were smokin’. I don’t care if they’re animated, these were some gorgeous cartoons. But what if Disney princesses were more akin to the realities of modern America? Odds are that they wouldn’t be a size 4, I can tell you that. Ally Bellissimo of the blog Creepy Miranda ...

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Twisted Disney Princesses

Why couldn’t I resist these awesome Twisted Disney Princesses pieces? Well for one, they are, indeed, awesome. Number two, some of them are almost zombie-esque and you know us. We can’t resist zombies. Have you been looking for a way to scar your 5-year-old daughter for life? When she enters that inevitable princess stage, show her what real princesses are ...

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Snow White Apple Macbook Case Mod

Why is it that women just can’t resist tainted fruit? First, Eve came along and fucked up immortality for the whole human race (thanks a lot, Satan), and then Snow White, for some reason, thought some random apple from a poorly disguised farmer would be totally wholesome and delicious. I think the lesson we’ve learned here is never to accept ...

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