Twisted Disney Princesses


Why couldn’t I resist these awesome Twisted Disney Princesses pieces? Well for one, they are, indeed, awesome. Number two, some of them are almost zombie-esque and you know us. We can’t resist zombies.

Have you been looking for a way to scar your 5-year-old daughter for life? When she enters that inevitable princess stage, show her what real princesses are supposed to look like. She’ll never be the same. Hit the jump for full-sized twisted princess madness.











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  1. yeah, I would still sleep with all of them

  2. Klaus: Kinky and pretty freaky… but good point.

  3. These are really amazing!

  4. These are pretty Awesome! I Love Them!

  5. I HAVE slept with all of them

  6. thatdeadguy, your hand doesn’t count.

  7. HOLY GOD, those are so awesome i think i ruptured something….

  8. You should probably link to where you stole them from, don’t you think?

  9. Hates Art Theft, what are you talking about? I have a link to the deviantart user who created the pieces. Did you even look?

  10. Maybe it is the Marvel efect in Disney. We were joking about how sweet would become Marvel… but how twisted would be Disney?

    Jorge A. Baudouin

  11. Namenamenamenosnos

    These are so screwed up and awesome at the same time.
    I also agree with Klaus.

  12. Omg!! These pictures are amazing! I’m so in love with pochahantas right now. All of them are fierce, and i can’t stop looking at them. They are screwed up, but sexcii at thee same time :).

  13. Notice how each picture has some sort of animal with the female character; these strike me as representing their aggressive or menacing ability. These images suggest that the female by herself poses no threat, but rather, aggression must be shown by other means, in these cases, a male counterpart via animal avatar.

  14. Whoa what’s this? Could it be the original artist’s site? Why yes it is!

    *good work* gearfuse – no credit anywhere?

  15. There’s a bright orange VIA link right at the bottom, you stupid, stupid people.

  16. THANK YOU, Caelin. I just don’t get these people sometimes. I love them, but I don’t get them.

  17. J – The reason they have animal companions is because the source material always includes animal friends for the character. If you can look at Pocahontas, Jasmine, Jane, and Mulan there and think that their only outlet for aggression is their animal companions (rather than, you know, the bloody weapons they’re holding), then I don’t know what to tell you.

  18. the freemason is a moron

  19. I love the twistedprincess pictures, they give me a laugh, and I can torcher my younger sister with Areial. LOL I can also scare her by jumping into her room at night with a giant poster of a twistedprincess.

  20. I think the beauty and the beast one can potentially be better. I’d love to see one of Scar after the hyenas were done eating him and Zira after she drowned. I don’t like parodies but these I love.

  21. Artist: Jeffrey Thomas (aka jeftoon01)

    Jeff has a few new additions to his ‘Twisted Princess’ group (along with several other pieces), and they are definitely worth a look!

    The Twisted Princess Kida:

    The Twisted Princes Megara:

    And, a different sort of “princess”, Twisted Princes Nala:

  22. Coool! Good pictures. My favorite is Bell. She’s quietly more menacing. πŸ™‚

  23. These are so win that my brain just asploded.

  24. Iv stumbled on these pictures several times, but i never get tired of seeing them. I know Anastasia isn’t Disney, but i really want to know what she would look like

  25. fuckin AWSOME!!!

  26. How very Hot Topic.

  27. omfg…. these are disturbingly awesome……the kida link is…is……(screams)

  28. Snow Whites kicks ass!

  29. Bang bang baby, i’m a leprechaun

  30. Is it wrong to think twisted Pochahantas is hot. It is? Ok then I won’t.

  31. Alice and Jane are not princesses.
    And technically Mulan isn’t a princess either.

    Also, is it just me or does Pocahontas look black and not Native American?

    I’ll stop complaining now πŸ™‚ Love the Cinderella one.

  32. Snow white is the prettiest, but Jasmine is the hottest.

  33. I love the Jasmine one. She’s remniscent of the sorceress in Diablo II though.

  34. Holy shit. These things are stunning. I love them.

  35. AMAZING!!

  36. Little Red A.J.

    You know the world has become a dark place when Disney goes to the dark side. The Disney Princesses all look like psychotic zombies. Awesome!

  37. That’s so disturbing !! Very beautiful work !

  38. i love these i wish they would make a movie out of it

  39. Increible! jejej! πŸ˜‰

  40. Sleeping Beauty: AWESOME
    Beauty and the Beast: Lame :/
    Could have done soooo much better on that one

  41. This would be a fine addition to a Kingdom Hearts game…Love this art.

  42. I loooooove all of these!!! Especially the Kida, Pocahontas and Alice ones!! I know I’m just being picky now, but I wish the artist…… I don’t know. I just love Meg, as a Disney Princess, and I didn’t really love the picture of her. You know what, never mind.

    Shanz0r, I agree with you on the Beauty and the Beasy one. Belle’s hair could have been less in her face so we could have seen something going on there, and her dress is just ripped up, versus, say, Pocahontas, who has got scars and handprints all over her.
    And Amelia? Who cares if they are “princesses” or not? “Disney Princess” is a relative term. I personally think it applies to all leading ladies in Disney movies.

    Yeah, my friends do tell me I talk too much πŸ™‚

  43. You people saying that you’d sleep with them all do realize that Alice is only seven, right?

  44. The Beast looks normal πŸ˜›
    i always liked him before he turned back to human

  45. When I saw Belle…gooooood….

  46. Hey, the artist has posted a few more Twisted Princesses on his Deviantart….
    The new ones are: Rapunzel, Tiana, Kida, Megara…
    The Deviantart page also has twisted versions of Nala and Jane…
    Enjoy ^.^

  47. Pocahontas…too fuckn sick!
    dtf as well hahhha

  48. These photos are all awesome and pretty damn inspiring. πŸ™‚

  49. Alice isn’t a princess

  50. Someone should make this into a damned videogame. I’d like to play them as characters, or battle them as bosses.

  51. amazing bro. How did you do it?

  52. wooow i love it *-* amazing work

  53. Yup these pics fuc*** with my childhood.

  54. This is oddly inspiring.

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