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LEGO Satan is Not Satisfied With Your Brick Creation

You’ve tried everything. You’ve tried rebuilding damaged architecture with LEGOs. You’ve tried building crazy reconstructions of video game characters. Hell, you’ve even tried recreating other forms of geek media with brick art. And guess what. None of your efforts have amused LEGO Satan. That deal you made with the devil for a lifetime supply of Jolt cola in exchange for ...

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Snow White Apple Macbook Case Mod

Why is it that women just can’t resist tainted fruit? First, Eve came along and fucked up immortality for the whole human race (thanks a lot, Satan), and then Snow White, for some reason, thought some random apple from a poorly disguised farmer would be totally wholesome and delicious. I think the lesson we’ve learned here is never to accept ...

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Go, go, Fire Table: A torch for your living room

The flames will be licking your devilish good looks with the Fuego Fire Table. Don’t lie. You’ll stare at yourself in the mirror making an evil face, pretending you’re one of Satan’s dominion. Haha, we caught you. Totally owned. So when you’re laying around your house, reading a book, cuddled up next to your table, and smell something burning, you ...

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