Shoot Hoops With Dwayne Wade For A Shot At $50,000


I’m not a huge basketball fan (NFL 4 LIFE) but I know a good player when I see one. Dwayne Wade? Yeah, I guess he’s OK. You know, he’s only like the fucking master of the universe when it comes to dunking. That’s why anyone stepping within 1000 feet of the Eastern Conference finals is going batshit right now.

And speaking of going batshit nuts, did I mention you can play HORSE against Wade for a chance to win $50,000? T-Mobile has the big bucks from G1 sales and is more than willing to pay up if you beat him. Better step your game up, kid, ’cause you’re going to need it.

All the details and then some after the jump! Get it? Jump?

T-Mobile myFaves Shot of a Lifetime:
T-Mobile will give one lucky fan a chance to play HORSE against Dwyane Wade during the Eastern Conference finals. If he/she is able to beat Dwyane, they will receive $50,000! Registration for the sweepstakes opens Wednesday – consumers can enter by text message � and starting March 4th, consumers will have another option for registration by visiting, which will also host instant-win prizes.

New T-Mobile advertising:
Also beginning Friday, T-Mobile will be airing a brand new ad which will include Dwight Howard and other �All-Star Faves.� Please let me know if you are interested in knowing when and where it will air. A link to the spot can be found here:

Jam Session and T-Mobile wallscape:
Other T-Mobile activities during All-Star Weekend include the NBA Jam Session where fans can participate in an interactive basketball theme park or watch an NBA player teach in a coaching clinic. In addition, anyone in Phoenix right now is likely to see the large wallscape on the exterior of the Bank of America building outside of the Arena hosting
T-Mobile�s own �All-Star Faves� � Dwight Howard, Yao Ming and Dwyane Wade.

T-Mobile Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam game:
For the third year in a row, the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge game will take place this Friday, kicking off NBA All-Star Weekend. T-Mobile has teamed with the NBA and NBA Cares to create an amazing opportunity for more than 3500 students to experience NBA All-Star. By successfully completing fitness, nutrition, and community service requirements, the
�T-Mobile Stick Together All-Stars,� ages 11-15, from participating school districts will watch the game from the best seats in the house at US Airways Arena. Also, for the first time in the game�s history, two All-Star starters, Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic and Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat, both T-Mobile�s �All-Star Faves,� will serve on the Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam coaching staffs � Howard for the Sophomores and Wade for the Rookies.


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  1. im not sure i could beat wade but i would try cause he is my favorite basketball player

  2. Im sure of my talent D wade scores alot of points but i know i can take em on and make his shots very difficult the answer should be can D wade guard J- talented enough to showcase my talent im a deadly 3pt shooter inside post up game of a mj and the quicnkess of iverson..put me and d wade on the court anytme and im sure im the one who ends up as champ

  3. Dwayne Wade it will be my honor to play you one on one some day maybe. I enjoyed watch you on T.V. I wish you and shaq could still together and did what him and kobe did three peat oh yea!

  4. Khristopher Shands

    I would be honored to play horse aganist Dwayne Wade. I know I have the energy and the skills. I beleive “nothing beats a failure but a try”. I am willing to give this my “all in all”.

    Khristopher Shands

  5. d wayne i know i got energy there is anyway me and you take a shot together

  6. Dwayne Wade you the best ball player i ever seen sense MJ lets get this three point shots on me an you i look up to you later

  7. Khristopher Shands

    I am praying for this opportunity to play against a Master like Dwayne Wade is, not only in Basketball but also in his early life, he has shown how to be a winner by not giving up!


    Khristopher Shands

  8. dwayne wade you mha favorite but lebron is better and if i get the chance to play you, you going down player

  9. but you still better i like you

  10. Dwayne Wade!
    Man would I love to play you. I have always wanted to meet you since I have loved the way you ball and the whole Miami Heat team. I would really like to play you in a game of one-on-one because I have pretty good talent in basketball. I might not be able to beat you, but honestly i think i could come quite close. My brother Josh Edwards was in the McDonalds Tri-State basketball team and he helped me to become a better ball handler and strength. I really hope i can get the opportunity to play you because i’ve always wanted to meet you.

  11. Yes, I would enjoy playing Dwayne Wade one on one……if he can handle it…!LOL.

  12. i would really love to play you one on one and just see who wins……..

  13. Joshua Edwards

    Dwayne Wade. Step up to the game and see if i can’t beat you. i was the best in my school with 2 mvp for the year and 1 championship. i got mad skills brotha and i can come pretty close to beating you

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