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How to Turn Your PC into a Mac

There’s nothing a little tape won’t fix. Ever wondered how to fit in with the rest of your college buddies? Grab an apple and a big ole’ roll of tape and get to it. No one will be able to tell the difference, I promise. They still haven’t figured out your scale in an iPhone costume isn’t actually an iPhone, ...

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Shoot Hoops With Dwayne Wade For A Shot At $50,000

I’m not a huge basketball fan (NFL 4 LIFE) but I know a good player when I see one. Dwayne Wade? Yeah, I guess he’s OK. You know, he’s only like the fucking master of the universe when it comes to dunking. That’s why anyone stepping within 1000 feet of the Eastern Conference finals is going batshit right now. And ...

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Design Your Own Headphones For Nokia

Nokia is holding a rather cool contest right now that anyone in love with music should be down to participate in. It’s called the Music Almighty Headset Competition and it involves you designing your own headphones inside your web browser or, if you’re really gifted, inside the application of your choosing. The Top 5 designs will be produced into working ...

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Win Sandisk SD Cards On YouTube

If you love gadgets, there’s no doubt that you love memory cards just as much. After all, your digital camera, laptop, MP3 player and hundreds of other gizmos use them. Now what if I said you could win some free SD cards just by shooting a video for YouTube? Thus is the point of SanDisk’s Point and Shoot Film Festival. ...

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Win Big: 12 Days of Bluetooth Technology

Everyone likes giveaways, unless of course that giveaway has to be won by submitting a picture of you posing as Alfred E. Neuman. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is announcing the 12 hottest Bluetooth enabled products for the 2008 holiday season by launching a giveaway event on Bluetooth.com. These products were hand selected to highlight fun, gift worthy Bluetooth enabled ...

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And The Bloggie Goes To…

Congratulations to Heather Armstrong from Dooce for her four Bloggie wins this year, including weblog of the year and lifetime achievement, and to I Can Has Cheezburger? and Jezebel for their two wins each. You guys deserve it. — Andrew Dobrow Link

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