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The Mortal Kombat-themed NBA Jam Court That Never Was

Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon has been tweeting away about rare nuggets from the Mortal Kombat archives. We thought this admission was particularly interesting. Did you know that at one point there was a proposed Mortal Kombat-themed basketball court for one of Acclaim’s NBA Jam or NBA Hangtime games? As it turns out, the court was denied because Acclaim didn’t ...

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Shoot Hoops With Dwayne Wade For A Shot At $50,000

I’m not a huge basketball fan (NFL 4 LIFE) but I know a good player when I see one. Dwayne Wade? Yeah, I guess he’s OK. You know, he’s only like the fucking master of the universe when it comes to dunking. That’s why anyone stepping within 1000 feet of the Eastern Conference finals is going batshit right now. And ...

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