RoboRape: Robot of Love Attacks Innocent Programmer With Hugs and Deprieved Metallic Penis


Here’s a story for all of you robosexuals. Apparently, the Japanese thought it would be a good idea to program a giant horny robot to feel simulations of human emotion, such as love, and as we now can see, evil sin and perversion. This love-bot had the gall to trap an innocent women, who just happened to be “testing [the bot’s] systems and loading new software routines,” several hours a day, if you know what I mean, *wink* *wink*, but no really, she’s just some programming intern, and forced her to give him multiple hugs and orgasms.

When the Japanese installed the software which allowed the robot to feel pure and unadulterated monkey lust, apparently they forgot to add the coding which translates to “no means no.” I mean, how do these things work? Do they have a rape on/off switch or what? Would you make consensual love with a rapist robot?

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  1. this is too weird to be commented…

  2. way too weird…

  3. As interesting as this may seem, it’s fake. The website you’ve got the story from write sensational but completely made up stories. Look at any story and then look up and name or company referenced and you’ll find that they don’t exist.

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