Do robots have rights? Studies show they might in the future


If animals and children having “rights” seems ridiculous (damn kids and their demands of food and shelter), the future might hold a whole new concept of Artificial Intelligence and the rights of a robot. With self learning and improving robots just over the horizon, what implications can we expect from a robots needs? If robots were ever developed to the point of emotional connection to improve and reproduce, how different would our society be? Studies show that if the robots were intelligent enough, they would eventually demand emancipation from their metal slavery. While the study was not made for the purpose of predicting future events, it is clear that in these times, every possible outcome of events needs to be planned in advance. A study such as this was most likely done to stimulate conversation about policy. Just wait until the ACLU gets a hold of this. — Andrew Dobrow

Study: Citizen robots will want rights [CNN]

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  1. pls give me wright ups of robot rights

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