Record Table Made of Recycled Classic Rock Vinyl Records


There have been countless methods of recycling your old, abandoned, bong water-stained vinyl, but none that have integrated the actual casing and cover art as well. If you have such epic records as Led Zeppelin‘s IV, there is no reason NOT to show them off some how.

BUGHOUSE designed this unique record table, which would fit spectacularly into your den of devil worship. It’s much more thoughtful than simply throwing them in the trash bin, surely.

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  1. Not to be anal, but the company’s listing for that table says “faux-album imagery on canvas”. I don’t think it’s really records. It’s very cool, just not actually recycling vinyl.


  2. Well… that bursts my bubble. It looks pretty damn realistic though. Sure fooled me.

  3. It’d be cool if it were like an acrylic box that you could put your own records in.

    Hey, if you want to see art using actual records, you could check out mine. A bit more customized.


  4. That’s a pretty good idea, Daniel. There’s a business opportunity there.

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