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Green endurance: electric race car goes the distance

The SRZero goes from 0 to 60 in fewer than seven seconds. But this power doesn�t come from stepping on the gas�the race-ready automobile runs on electricity. And in a coup for green technology, tomorrow the car will reach Ushuaia, Argentina and the end of a 16,000-mile journey from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska.

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Turn Your Cremated Ashes Into Your Own Vinyl Record

It’s like the day the music died in reverse. The company And Vinyly lets you use your own or your pets cremated ashes to create a limited run of vinyl records. Each record holds a 24-minute segment in which you customize with final thoughts or your favorite music. For extra fees, you can add in exclusive artwork, where UK artist ...

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Record Table Made of Recycled Classic Rock Vinyl Records

There have been countless methods of recycling your old, abandoned, bong water-stained vinyl, but none that have integrated the actual casing and cover art as well. If you have such epic records as Led Zeppelin‘s IV, there is no reason NOT to show them off some how. BUGHOUSE designed this unique record table, which would fit spectacularly into your den ...

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