Apple Lets The Led Out: Complete Zeppelin To Be Released For Under $100


Today Zeppelin, tomorrow The Beatles? Apple has announced that they will be offering “The Complete Led Zeppelin Collection” on iTunes, available for special pre-order now. The digital boxed set comes with 13 complete albums from the epitome of the rock band.

In addition to the complete set, the upcoming greatest hits album “Mothership”, featuring 24 of the hardest rocking songs in music history, will also be available. The entire Led Zeppelin collection will be available for $99 from iTunes. You can’t beat that price (legally). — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. The greatest band of them all, the mighty Led Zeppelin is a bargain at 100 bucks. They have so many brilliant songs, aside from the dozen or so that are played relentlessly on the radio, that many people will now discover and appreciate. Yes, The Beatles are the kings of pop-rock, but Led Zeppelin are the undisputed and untouchable gods of pure rock, the rock group by which all others are still measured. I encourage anybody that is not that familiar with Zep to dig deep into their brilliant and varied catalogue of music. You will not be disappointed. P.S. I read that the site to get tickets to the Zep ‘reunion’ received over a BILLION hits in less than a week! Considering John Bonham, rock’s greatest drummer, won’t be there, that is some astonishing demand, even by Led Zep’s gargantuan standards.

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