Portable Watermelon Cooler Will Attract Strange Looks at the Airport

Whether you’re traveling cross-country or crosstown, maintaining a cool melon should always be at the top of your priority list. One thing you cannot do under any circumstances is let your watermelon succumb to the summer heat. No one likes a mushy melon. Unless you feel like putting an innocent fruit to sleep, cooling is essential.

The Marugoto Tamachan Portable Watermelon Cooler keeps your fruit chilled and satisfyingly crunchy, even in the most hellish conditions. The cooler is only available in Japan for now, which is ridiculous because everyone knows that watermelons only exist in the U.S.A. The Japanese equivalent of $230 will help you maintain a relatively “fruitful” life. So don’t be “melon”-choly. LOLOLOLOLOL. Puns.

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  1. Can’t wait for this to hit our shores. Would go over big here in the south !

  2. What a waist of resources, you could just use a cooler on wheels. something that has more that one use.

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