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The Suitcase Picnic Table for Impromptu Outdoor Get-Togethers

‘Tis the season for impromptu picnics and outdoor activities. The problem I have is that most of the times I throw the idea out there for a picnic, I get a lot of disgruntled people saying they’d rather be inside with a comfortable place to sit then be sitting on the dirty ground with bugs crawling all over them. OK, ...

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Portable Watermelon Cooler Will Attract Strange Looks at the Airport

Whether you’re traveling cross-country or crosstown, maintaining a cool melon should always be at the top of your priority list. One thing you cannot do under any circumstances is let your watermelon succumb to the summer heat. No one likes a mushy melon. Unless you feel like putting an innocent fruit to sleep, cooling is essential. The Marugoto Tamachan Portable ...

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Death Star Watermelon

Now this could put quite a damper on your picnic. That’s no moon… that’s a watermelon. Om nom nom. Juiciest damn space station in the universe. Now, if melon isn’t your thing, you can always try some of the delicious Pumpkin Death Star. Or at least whatever’s left of Pumpkin Alderaan. Link [via]

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IceBlok Keeps Damn Cubes Where They Are Supposed To Be

While the little things, such as ice cubes rubbing against my lips and under my nose, aren’t too much of an annoyance to me, there are times, on the hottest of days, when the sweat is just pouring from every pour in my body, those dog days of August, where everything is an earth shattering pain in the asshole. It’s ...

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It’s Not A Party Until Somebody Pops the Salad Bar

Now you can complete that dream picnic you’ve always wanted with your very own inflatable salad bar. Blow it up, throw some ice in it and you’re set to keep your veggies cold while you and your friends get wasted and stumble around on your lawn. It’s only $30 and doubles as a flotation device/sperm catcher. You call it an ...

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Spontaneous Picnic Dress Is Good Eatin’ Wherever You’re Sittin’

Grab your baskets, cooler, and your favorite lady, and take a stroll out to the park because picnic planning just got a lot easier. The Spontaneous Picnic Dress doubles as a faux-retro fashion statement for your girl, while offering a place to lounge, eat, and possibly even mix up some drinks if the picnic spirit chooses you for its outdoor ...

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