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Portable Watermelon Cooler Will Attract Strange Looks at the Airport

Whether you’re traveling cross-country or crosstown, maintaining a cool melon should always be at the top of your priority list. One thing you cannot do under any circumstances is let your watermelon succumb to the summer heat. No one likes a mushy melon. Unless you feel like putting an innocent fruit to sleep, cooling is essential. The Marugoto Tamachan Portable ...

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Death Star Watermelon

Now this could put quite a damper on your picnic. That’s no moon… that’s a watermelon. Om nom nom. Juiciest damn space station in the universe. Now, if melon isn’t your thing, you can always try some of the delicious Pumpkin Death Star. Or at least whatever’s left of Pumpkin Alderaan. Link [via]

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Watermelon Bus Stop

Whoever designed this watermelon-shaped bus stop is a genius. What better way to celebrate a shitty 9-to-5 commute than with a piece of delicious watermelon. Know what I hate though? When people put gashes and all kind of shit in watermelons. All you gotta do is take a slice, like this gentleman did, and eat it. Link

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