PIMPtendo: Never Enough Zebra Skin


Calling all gaming pimps! Have you been hesitant to purchase the NES console just because its retro design doesn’t fit in with your modern pimp decor? Fahgetaboutit. This custom designed PIMPtendo (actually called PIMPendo, but the extra “T” makes it sound so much better) can be be yours for $150, or as low as $50 if you want to bid on the item.

This completely refurbished NES system has been pimpified, including added LEDs which make the innards of the system glow red when it’s powered on, a new zebra skin finish, gems galore, Plexiglas, a peacock feather and the most important addition, purple frill.





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  1. Who on earth spends money to pimp their console to look like this? This is pure comedy to me and perhaps it should stay in a gallery. A Pimpendo with zebra skin

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