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PIMPtendo: Never Enough Zebra Skin

Calling all gaming pimps! Have you been hesitant to purchase the NES console just because its retro design doesn’t fit in with your modern pimp decor? Fahgetaboutit. This custom designed PIMPtendo (actually called PIMPendo, but the extra “T” makes it sound so much better) can be be yours for $150, or as low as $50 if you want to bid ...

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Computer Chip Ring: Bling, Bling Mothatrucka

This ring is so pimp, like a geeky version of Xzibit, or whoever the kids are listening to these days. The 1981 ATARI Ring is, as you might be able to guess from the title, a replica of the original chip used in the ATARI gaming system. 18 gold karats of geekdom. While most men would much rather be playing ...

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Pimp out ALL your cellphones in Taiwanese style

When we saw the BenQ-Siemens’ over-pimped  EF-71 phone, we  thought it was a joke. It wasn’t until Samsung announced collaboration with Swarovski then we realized there’s an actual market need. The Taiwanese just can’t seem to wait for those phones to come out, so they started Blinging up their own phones with fancy stickers, and they have to stick them ...

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Hey, where’d our plasma go? Ahh…conveniently under the bed

Plasma TVs can really be a distraction when, ahem, other bedroom activities are going on. How can anyone concentrate fully when theirs a hockey game on in plasma quality? We know we couldn’t! It’s time you pimped out your baby making room and get yourself this distraction eliminator. The MK1 Studio Underbed Lift, conveniently lowers your plasma snuggly under your ...

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