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PIMPtendo: Never Enough Zebra Skin

Calling all gaming pimps! Have you been hesitant to purchase the NES console just because its retro design doesn’t fit in with your modern pimp decor? Fahgetaboutit. This custom designed PIMPtendo (actually called PIMPendo, but the extra “T” makes it sound so much better) can be be yours for $150, or as low as $50 if you want to bid ...

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Will You HEMI Me?

If a NASCAR race is you and your partner’s idea of a lovely date, then we’ve got a ring that’ll really help you out when it comes time to pop the question. It’s a HEMI ring. As in, it’s modeled after a Dodge HEMI engine. There are rubies in the blower and it’s made entirely of sterling silver. At $400, ...

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Be the king of bling with the Hublot Million Dollar Watch

Yo, dawg. We gots a question for y’all homeboys. Is there such thing as too much bling? Normally that answer would be, “Umm, we don’t think so, but ask Lil’ John.” But this addition to the Hublot series of Big Bang watches makes us believe that there is indeed the possibility to have to much ice around your wrist. With ...

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