Opera browser coming to Nintendo DS in June


Opera announced that the Nintendo DS will be the next gaming console to use its browser for console web surfing. Starting June 4, Opera will be available to all U.S. gamers. Opera has been available to Nintendo players in Japan and Europe since the tail end of 2006, with the beta version for the Wii available in the U.S. since December 2006.

Comparing the size of the PSP screen with the Nintendo DS screen makes us hesitant to jump on this idea. The PSP screen, bigger than the Nintendo DS screen, already strains the eyes to read text. Opera on the DS is sure to be a literal eyesore unless some kind of interface change is planned. There is no pricing information available for the Opera DS software, but we can expect that soon enough. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. I’ve used the Japanese version, and it is actually quite usable. There are a couple of modes that you can use to view content. A magnifier mode allows you to pan the page using the touch screen while the top screen shows a zoomed in view of this. You can not follow links in this mode, however the other mode which tries to smoosh the content on both screens allows links to be followed. Perhaps this will change with the new version, I don’t know. But I do look forward to it.

  2. @atomic0x: Hopefully they stick with the magnifying option and don’t cheap out on North America.

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