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If Women Were Internet Browsers…

Firefox is a little heartbreaker. Just won’t let me shy away for too long without pulling me back in. I love my Chrome for doing certain things, but Firefox is the girl I keep coming back to time and time again. As for Internet Explorer? I’m just glad I went through that phase young and got her out of the ...

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If Internet Browsers Were Forms of Transportation

It’s funny cuz it’s true. I’m a Chrome user myself. Pretty much exclusively for the past six months or so. And while it’s very speedy, it does have some buggy issues. Particularly the Mac beta. But I’ll throw them a bone here and give ’em the old Gearfuse stamp of approval. Link

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No Opera For The iPhone

I’m not talking about Phantom here, I’m talking about the web browser, Opera. Apple has beef with the competition and in turn has decided to keep Opera off the App Store. Says ZDNet: Mr. von Tetzchner said that Opera�s engineers have developed a version of Opera Mini that can run on an Apple iPhone, but Apple won�t let the company ...

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Opera browser coming to Nintendo DS in June

Opera announced that the Nintendo DS will be the next gaming console to use its browser for console web surfing. Starting June 4, Opera will be available to all U.S. gamers. Opera has been available to Nintendo players in Japan and Europe since the tail end of 2006, with the beta version for the Wii available in the U.S. since ...

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Opera for the Wii is released in public beta

The networking capabilities of the Wii are slowly falling into place. The Opera browser specially designed for the Nintendo Wii has been released in public beta. You can now download the browser for free (because it’s beta), and later it will cost you some Wii points. Opera seems to be making some excellent business decisions lately, with removing the cost ...

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Opera on Wii, Dec 22

First it’s (M)opera on your cellphone, then it’s Opera on your DS, now it’s Opera on your Wii, and the beta version just made it before Christmas. The browser will be downloadable on the Wii Shop Channel from Dec 22 for free. We can’t wait to see how well this thing renders “street html”, and how much work out it ...

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