If Women Were Internet Browsers…

Firefox is a little heartbreaker. Just won’t let me shy away for too long without pulling me back in. I love my Chrome for doing certain things, but Firefox is the girl I keep coming back to time and time again.

As for Internet Explorer? I’m just glad I went through that phase young and got her out of the way. For now, Firefox is my main lady friend. I see Chrome on the side every once in a while, but she knows what we are. Hit the jump to see the full infographic.

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  1. Oh my God, the Google Chrome girl is heinous. Enough to make me never want to use Chrome based solely on that image. Brutal…

  2. Im (Opera) user but i see Firefox look hot here ^_^

  3. joe jones the johnston

    English, its not that hard to fucking write properly.

  4. @joe jones….lighten the fuck up.

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