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How Can The European Broadband Accessibility Gap Be Bridged?


A quick look at the UN’s ICT Development Index, released earlier this year, will show that almost four out of 10 people are likely to have some kind of internet access. Although that could be hailed as progress, of the most developed countries in terms of internet access and ICT in general, the top 10 are all developed countries, eight of them in Europe.

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Microsoft Removes IE From Windows 7 To Comply With EU Rules

Remember a few years ago, when Microsoft and the EU got into a tussle over the bundling of Internet Explorer with the Windows OS? Microsoft lost, got hit with a billion dollars in fines and was forced to remove IE from Windows in future versions. Now, with the release of Windows 7 on the horizon, Microsoft isn’t taking any chances ...

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Indie Devs Rejoice: Playstation 2 Is Open Platform In Europe

It might seem like the Playstation 2 is going the way of the dodo, but it’s not even close to burning out. That’s because Sony Europe’s developer relations manager George Bain announced that it’s no longer necessary for developers to submit upcoming titles to Sony for content approval. This makes the Playstation 2 officially an open platform, allowing indie developers ...

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Yoda Spotted In Madrid

While enjoying my European adventure I saw the renowned Jedi Master Yoda in Madrid’s historic Plaza Mayor. Apparently, Yoda’s fallen on hard times since filming the Star Wars movies and now he’s resorted to begging for money from tourists in Spain. It was cool seeing my favorite sci-fi hero in the flesh, but I’d rather have a chance to get ...

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Gearfuse’s Euro Trip

What up everybody. This cool Lego creation is a model of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport that I spotted when I landed in Europe yesterday morning. Thanks to the folks at Eurail and various tourism ministries, I’m here on a ten day trip through Portugal, Spain, and Amsterdam. While I’m traveling, in addition to all the regular Gearfuse goodness, expect weekend updates ...

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Sharp’s announces worlds first dual-mode tuner module for T-DMB and DVB-H

Sharp’s first dual-mode transmitter, the VA3B5EZ915, is capable of tuning in on both T-DMB and DVB-H terrestrial digital broadcasts. Sharp claims this device to be the first of its kind. With the launch of One-Seg in Japan, other similar services have started popping up in other areas in the Eastern Hemisphere, including DVB-H for some areas of Europe, and T-DMB ...

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Rumor: Nintendo releasing new colored Wii-Motes and Nunchucks

Thanks to the inept companies who update their product lists early, there is a rumor going around that Nintendo is planning on releasing several new color options for the Wiimote and Nunchucks. The new colors listed on the product list of the retailer in question are silver, blue, and pearl pink. According to the retailer, the new colored hardware is ...

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