Microsoft Removes IE From Windows 7 To Comply With EU Rules


Remember a few years ago, when Microsoft and the EU got into a tussle over the bundling of Internet Explorer with the Windows OS? Microsoft lost, got hit with a billion dollars in fines and was forced to remove IE from Windows in future versions. Now, with the release of Windows 7 on the horizon, Microsoft isn’t taking any chances and has confirmed that IE will be missing from European versions of Windows 7.

While I understand this entirely, what I don’t get is how this benefits the consumer. With no web browser installed on the OS by default, how the hell is somebody supposed to download an alternative browser like Firefox or Safari? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


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  1. apt-get install firefox……oh wait….its windows!!!! hahahahahahaha! Do you know how bad the tech support line is going to blow up?!??! I can hear the confused consumer voice now:

    Consumer:Yes, i just got a new computer and cant connect to the internet..
    tech: yes you will have to install a browser
    Consumer: from where?
    Tech: the internet
    Consumer: How?
    Tech: just go to

  2. Well one could, if they already had an existing computer, take the setup file from old copmuter, put it on thumb drive and install that on new Windows 7. Or if any retailers read this the retailing companies should offer IE, Firefox, or Safari as an optional add on.

    I LOVE your site and look foward to new updates everyday.
    Your loyal follower,

  3. Thanks AJ! We appreciate it!

  4. Nice no More IE, well that’s a relief…

    It’s a bit out of subject but, can anyone tell me how to customize win7 like in the pic?

  5. Anyone ?

  6. download the application at you local library then save it on a pen drive to bring over to your laptop

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